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A good Maai Kru is an essential tool to any magician and are akin to a wand in the Western traditions. In Thailand they are used to connect the heavens to the earth through the person weilding it and can also have a point, so they can be used like a pen for writing script, Takrut etc.

This old issue from old stock is by Phra Maha Surasat and was released 2 years ago. It is made from lightning wood with a finial of the four faces of Phra Phrom on the top, each with a central red stone in his head dress. The base of the Mai Kru is wonderful and is in copper with a well cut Akhara. The copper base is the business end, the top pulls the power from above and this Mai Kru really fizzes in the hand.

This one is used particularly for banishing and protection but an energy such as this can be used for any wand work.

Measures 6" and it is rare to find consecrated Maai Kru like this. An exceptional piece.


A Beautiful 6" Mai Kru Wand to Phra Phrom (Brahma) by Phra Maha Surasat

  • This is the 'Teacher's Staff', the Thai version of a wand and a magician uses it to access the powers available in the different realms. They can also have a point and be used like a pen for writing Takrut, in which case they act to pass the energy of the Ajarn and pull the powers from above.