It is important for everyone to connect to an important Thai monk as it brings benefits to the life and one of the great old Kruba of the North was Kruba Insom of Phroa, often referred to as the Angel of Phrao.

I got this because it is such a beautiful old piece that has a piece of his robe, which brings an essence to the piece as it is believed that the body of high monks becomes magic itself. The robe is stuck onto an image of Kruba in what looks to be tin, which is one of the great metals used for Takrut, so I would expect the back of it to carry a spell. A wonderful old locket to one of the great Lanna Kruba monks of the last generation and rare. I am going to send a framed photo of Kruba Insom with the amulet so the amulet can be draped over the photo and having an image aids connection.

For Metta, Popularity and the repelling of all negative influences.

Measures 1.15" in its fine old silver case and please use the Namo Dtassa kata.

Sathu! Sathu! Sathu!

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A Beautiful Amulet to the angel of Phrao - Kruba Insom in silver 1992

  • A Roop Lor is an amulet dedicated to a monk, which is traditionally as his seated image in a metal but I am including this item in that category because it carries a piece of his robe.