This is from THE expert in Animist magic in the region and I adore Ajarn Suea's work of this kind. This is his 'Khiaw Suea' or Tiger Tooth but as with many of these amulets it is actually carved from the tusks of wild boar (careful when buying 'Tiger Teeth') and the source has to be good for these because the magic benefits if these come from nature. It is a simply carved piece that has minimal script and a simple small Takrut attached but it has an exceptional feeling.

This is an amulet for Amnat authority. It is a nice small piece and would look beautiful on a lady and when chatting to Ajarn about the power of this item and how he blesses it, he separated it from the other items being bought because the spirit is like a 'Tiger Angel', a Thep. He said that this angel is like a Suea Khong (a Bengal) or a Suea Khoo, the twin tigers that are often seen in Sak Yant and there is extensive Wicha for both these forms. I have just asked Ajarn Daeng to make a hand drawn Pha Yant to the Tiger and he asked if he could so a Suea Khoo because of the amount of Wicha he can draw on to construct the piece.

I adore Tiger amulets because they can help people rise up a little after coming out of a difficult period in life. Amazing things.

This amulet measures 2.25" and comes with the makers card and kata. It also received an extra blessing from Ajarn Suea and came directl;y from his Samnak.

Superb traditional magic.

A Beautiful bone Tiger Tooth Amulet by Ajarn Suea

  • A book could be written on the Tiger magic of the Lanna region and the variety of amulets available to the Tiger are mind boggling but they all bring Amnat authority, akin to having a Tiger with you and the awe that will be brought from others. A particularly useful amulet to help people rise froma  difficult period.

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