This is a very beautiful Lersi amulet from the legendary Luang Pu Naen that was made 6 years ago and it gives out the mysterious feeling that is typical with a good Lersi.

The cast matrix consists of powdered Bai Laan, which are the old palm Leaf manuscripts (and hence a very highly spiritual item), that has been mixed with the earths from 7 graveyards, the earths from 7 earth pits used by elephants, 7 shores and 7 pools as well as the betel nut that has been chewed by LP Naen. During the casting the Yant plate on the back was inserted, as well as two Takrut and once dried, the whole thing was beautifully painted. It is quite exquisite.

As is uaual with Lersi Ta Fai, he has a gem marking the third eye because he is the master of magic and all magical learning. His influence can be saught in such matters and he is one of the top Lersi of which amulets are usually made. This superb piece brings Metta, Good Fortune, Love and Business luck.

Measures 2.5" and comes with the Lersi Heart Kata as well as the original temple box.

A Beautiful Lersi Ta Fai by Luang Pu Naen

  • There are 108 Lersi and all have a role in the magical world and Phor Gae is the top Lersi. Famed for his magical abilities and as a conduit to the gods above.

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