Not many makers have the Wicha to make a Mae Thani talisman and this is an exceptional piece to one of the more potent tree spirits. Mae Thani is a strong spirit that lives in a particular type of banana tree and she is renowned for enchantment and attracting men that she can exhaust through their couplings. Her amulets have a particular feel to them, like damp jungle and are primordial in nature, they can be quite exceptional pieces.

This amulet has been cast from a collection of the Muan Sarn used to create a Mae Thani and the bone powder from a Phi Tai Hong lady who died in nature. The mix has been superbly cast and painted and there is a feeling of wet undergrowth on the back where there are two real silver Takrut and a central one made of copper. I love the script on the back, it is quite beautiful and the rear is hard to focus on, which is always an excellent sign.

Mae Tanee's main attribute is enchantment, to attract and hold men (or women), to bring great fortune and grant wishes. This is the best Mae Thani you will find and an exceptional piece of work from a Master magician whose work is seemingly becoming more difficult to source.

Measures  2" and comes with no kata, just say Namo Dtassa as the kata is already embedded in the piece. A beautiful and potent talisman.

A Beautiful Mae Thani Amulet by Phra Ajarn Suppasit

  • Mae Thani amulets are rare as not many have the Wicha for this style of talisman. For strong enchantment, attraction and great fortune.