LP Samchai Nakhon Pathom made from a Bodhi tree soaked in 5 Buddhas oil

A good Mai Kru wand is now rare to find and this is a beautiful one that came out a couple of years ago but I found a few in a shop.

These have been carved from an ancient Bodhi tree that grew in the temple grounds of the maker, Luang Phor Samchai of Nakhon Pathom, near to Bangkok. The tree has been soaking up the spiritual essence of the temple for hundreds of years, which is one of the reasons the feeling of this Mai Kru is exceptional. Other reasons for this include the fact that they were soaked in the 5 Buddha herbal oil and then blessed by all the monks at the temple. Of this issue only 99 were made and it is now difficult to find, the Ong Kru for this was unbelievably good but they were sold when offered for advanced orders.

Recommend uses - as a ritual instrument to make holy water, perform exorcisms, spell casting and even healing practices. The magical effects  are mainly Maha Amnat and Serm Barame (the lifting of your status through the power of authority to be feared by enemies and respected by others). The wand also brings Metta Maha Niyom loving kindness and Charm protection against danger, enemies, black magic and evil forces, as well as increasing the auspicious influences and improving the luck and fate of the owner

The wands measure 10" and is ready to use, no kata is necessary for this but I will teach you the ritual as to how to make this wand 'yours', which is the same as with a Miit Mhor knife.

Beautiful magic.

Post - to the USA, Canada, Japan, Oz and NZ - by COURIER ONLY ($45)

Standard registered ($10) applies to everywhere else.

A Beautiful Mai Kru Wand by Luang Phor Samchai

  • A Mai Kru is an astonishing item that helps direct your energies during magical works and boosts your latent forces. The top is the point where the deities enter to help your works and the base is where they exit.