This is a stunning old issue amulet from the legendary Kruba Krissana, an amazingly successful maker from many moons ago. 

The amulet is made up of a Phutakhun mixture (no prai) but it carries the blessing of one of the most important monks of recent time. The quality of casting is astonishing and shows a beautifully painted Shiva sat on a leopard skin rug with 4 arms on a black background. The back is just as gorgeous, with a raised red Ohm symbol, a silver Takrut spell, a piece of the cloth from the robe of Kruba Krissana and a ball of Leklai for protection.

This amulet grants all the attributes because it is from a high god and with being from a top maker it has the capability of changing a persons life.

It measures just over 2.5" and comes with the original temple box and the original kata.

A beautiful amulet.

A Beautiful Old Issue Amulet to Shiva by Kruba Krissana

  • There is still much of the original influence from India in the Thai Occult system and amulets to Ganesh, Shiva, Kali and most of the other Indian gods are produced from time to time.

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