This is from an issue made 7 years ago by a renowned old maker called Ajarn Harut, who passed a way a number of years ago. His specialty was producing amulets dedicated to the Thai versions of the hierarchy of the Hindu deities and this is his Phra Narai, Vishu and the amulet is called The 10 Actions to Open The Universe.

I am not quite sure what the name of the amulet means but it ould be 'to open the way' using his avatars or reincarnations who all stand behind him. It is an exceptional image on a very fine quality enamel panel. The back has an old matrix into which has been pressed 7 Takrut, one for each day of the week, a piece of Jade and a seated Ganesh. The amulet construction suggests that this amulet opens the way for us to be successful in life in any way we wish, by either getting what we want or helping us to be who we want to be.

It measures 2.5" and comes with its original case for authenticity. From old stock.

A beautiful amulet.

A Beautiful Old Issue Vishnu Amulet by Ajarn Harut

  • There is still much of the original influence from India in the Thai Occult system and amulets to Ganesh, Shiva, Kali and most of the other Indian gods are produced from time to time. They carry most of the attributes in the same way as the high Buddhist pieces.

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