This amulet consists of a finely carved female Panneng that shows a lady in fine clothes who is Mae Surasatee, the Burmese Nat who carries the Buddhist books while riding her golden duck. She is myseterious and comes in many forms. Not many magicians do this type of work but Ajarn Tay is one of the most gifted prai magicians in Thailand, mainly from being the Luksit of Phor Sala Tan and a very intelligent man.

The front of this piece is beautifully tinted with copper and the effect is of it being timeless. The back has 4 pieces of Phi Tai Hong female bone that surround two Takrut spells, all set into an graveyard earth and bone powder mixture that has been coloured gold. Mae Surasatee likes gold colours, flowers, scent, honey and offers great bounty in return - she is a popular Burmese spirit that is praised in the North of Thailand. This was produced in limited numbers and are astonishing talismans.

With this Panneng you praise it and give her offerings to receive her bounty. Place an unopened small jar of honey next to this piece and that's her food for the year except for offerings of a green banana, scent, flowers and love. She will return what you give. I praise Mae Surasatee with a bucha from Ajarn Ting.
Measures 2.5" in its fine silver case and comes with Ajarn Tay's kata.

Living magic.

Post - to the USA, Canada, Japan, Oz, The Philippines and NZ - by COURIER ONLY ($50)

Standard registered ($10) applies to everywhere else but do check.

A Beautiful Panneng to Mae Surasatee by Ajarn Tay in silver

  • Panneng come in a multitude of forms and the Wicha can be adapted to fit and accomodate many forms of spirit, all fopr the benefit of their owner in return for merit. One of the top items in The Thai Occult.