We decided to offer some hand drawn Pha Yant that can be framed for the home to bring particular attributes from the higher realms and using pure magic with no prai materials. Ajarn Apichai is brilliant at this due to his natural artistry, training and attention to detail. He also really enjoys doing them as they are an act of Samathi (focus), which is why hand written Pha Yant from him are cheap when considering the time taken to construct these.
This Pha Yant helps to adjust the changes that come from astrological influences. It boosts luck and good fortune through the attribute of Serm Duang and can survive on Ajarn Apichai's Samnak kata. There is also a protective element to all Rahu pieces as he is a demon afterall, scaring away negatice forces and the lower ghosts.
This is a beautiful construction and would be perfect if hung in the living space or the bedroom. I have pieces like this around the house and they bring a clean and fresh feeling to the home along with the influence with good fortune. An easy to care for Talisman as it can share the offerings to your altar and just needs a kata.

It measures approximately 24" x 19" and is an exceptional piece of work from Ajarn Apichai.

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A Beautiful Hand Drawn Rahu Pha Yant by Ajarn Apichai

  • The Rahu talisman is an ancient invocation of Brahmin forces to realign the lines of fate into a more favourable direction. He has specific needs and can be praised through a one eye coconut or its parts and can either have prai or be purer in nature, such as with a Pha Yant.

    It is considered extremely difficult to contact the higher gods, but Rahu is a little easier as he can be regarded as being half god and half devil. Many people have a period in life where their luck is bad, business is terrible, and there are many problems; then this is the time to pray to Rahu to clear away the negative elements in life and bring better things.