In the Thai Occult practices it is interesting to note that there is a substantial amount of Wicha dedicated to the old Indian gods that came here before Buddhism. The most popular one is Picanet, the Thai name for Ganesh and he is adored here for the same reasons as in India and this comes with the aded bonus in that it is an amulet that can be worn either way with the other side having a Brahma.

This superbly made amulet is by one of the great old monks of the last generation, Luang Phor Key  and was made 7 years ago (comes from old stock and is sent with the original temple case). It grants all the attributes because it is from the high gods and with being from a top maker it has the capability of changing a persons life. Picanet brings health, wealth and understanding, famous for aiding knowledge and teaching he also brings Metta and great fortune because he clears a way through for those attributes. Brahma brings strong protection, the four elements and authority and therefore, together they make one hell of a piece.

This is a great example of the stunning quality of the Thai amulet work of old and the blessing of a top monk.

It measures 2.5" in a fine silver case. It will be sent with the original temple case and uses the Namo Dtassa chant.

Stunningly beautiful amulets of a style we don't see now.

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A Beautiful Silver Cased Ganesh/Brahma Amulets by Luang Phor Key

  • There is still much of the original influence from India in the Thai Occult system and amulets to Ganesh, Shiva, Kali and most of the other Indian gods are produced from time to time. They carry most of the attributes in the same way as the high Buddhist pieces.