When a top monk makes a prai amulet he does so purely for the benefit of his devotees as they carry enough magical force to benefit them. This is a rare style of amulet from Luang Phor Sawai from 3 years ago that includes the bone powder of twins that died at birther, a boy and a girl. Mixed sex twins are especially potent for love magic as they are believed to be an old couple returning for another life together and it is quite common that they will ritually marry twins to satisfy the reincarnation.

Despite having what is essentially Prai Kuman powder making up the amulet, this is not praised like a Kuman as he has moved the spirit on, just leaving the potent magical force behind. This amulet is for love and it is a particularly beautiful piece that deserved to be cased in silver.

The feeling of this amulet is spot on and the care for it is easy as it only requires the Namo Dtassa chant. I will send this with the original temple case to verify its authenticity and it is an amulet that sold out very quickly indeed.

It measures 2" and comes with the temple box.

Top monk magic.

A Beautiful Twin Prai Amulet in silver by Luang Phor Sawai

  • Often, the prai materials in an item are just there for their power and sometimes you can get extreme prai filling this role, such as from twins that died at birth, as is the case here...

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