The Yaa Inn Khoo by Kruba Apiwat from 2556 - 8 years ago when Kruba also used Prai! This will come as a shock to many but many Masters of magic will use any source to get the best results. These came from old stock and I bought the lot as this type of item from a top Burmese Kruba is rare.

This is the early edition of his Inn Khoo with a mixture of both Yaa and Prai that was made in the graveyard for three days and three nights. This version of it also contains Phayong Kham, the see pung made by a ghost by Kruba Wat Mai Hong and many Athan from different prai sources. There are prai ashes from 6 different sources, 15 different ashes from Phi Tai Hong sources and many old Pong mixtures from famous monks and Ajarns. Pong powders are produced through the writing of magic on a blackboard and are a highly potent source of pure power. Soils from different sources are also included from 7 salt pits, 7 shores and 7 graveyards and many types of see pung.

The Takrut on the back is actually gold too, which gives you an idea of how long ago this was made because the price is very good indeed, especially as they have now been cased in silver. I got 7 of these and there will be no more.

Measures 1.75" and comes with no kata, just connect, praise and go.

I adore Burmese Magic.

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A Beautiful Yaa and Prai Inn Khoo by Kruba Apiwat in silver LAST 2

  • I adore the mystery of Burmese magic and it is wonderful to have modern makers as well as scouring the dealers of old Burmese pieces, which are becoming rare and crazy expensive. An ancient form of occultism that needs further investigation.