The Bia Gae is an ancient amulet that is made from a Cowrie shell that is inserted with Palaut  (mercury) and numerous other enchanted items. The correct process to make this talisman is more complex than when making other amulets and takes a considerable amount of time. The mercury inside is pure and is a liquid (shake the amulet and you ccan feel it) but works like Mercury Eats Gold and Ajarn has also put inside a gold needle to feed the mercury. This is an ancient Thai Wicha and the mercury has to be found in nature rather than bought ready refined and the ways the Thais use it is different from the Burmese way. This is ancient Wicha and none of us have ever seen an old Burmese version of these.
To be usable the shell has to have 32 teeth at its entrance, which corresponds to the 32 parts of the body and the shell eventually embodies the bearer. The Palaut is made using a special method that involves putting it into an egg shell, which goes into a clay pot and is then buried in various places near a water source, where it cures and acquires magical strength. The Palaut is then put into the Cowrie and a special wax that comes from a stingless Bee that is only found under the ground or in the stump of a dead tree is then used to seal the shell. This wax is always black and is considered supernatural in itself.
At this stage, everything has to be blessed before it can be used for what this talisman is renowned for, protection, especially with relation to physical harm, black magic attack (either through enchanted dolls or Yaa Sang). It also protects from being influenced to cause harm to yourself through suicide or any form of self harm, as well as being burned etc. As is often the case with highly protective magic, having a Bia Gae changes the bad fortune in to good luck and in the past, this type of shell was used for currency and it is therefore believed to bring money to it, to create money from nature itself.
It is now rare to see a good Bia Gae amulet but some of the older examples by famous monks are quite incredibly expensive and the ones I have held are potent. This one looks like it is from another world and has been cased beautifully. It has been done in plastic and then the back has been covered in silver. We felt it necessary to case in plastic rather than keep open because of the mercury in the back only being sealed with beeswax, that can melt or wear off.

It is a beautiful amulet that measures 2.1"

A Bia Gae Amulet with Mercury in Silver by Ajarn Apichai

  • The Bia Gae is an ancient Wicha that is now rarely seen in its true form as they should include mercury and gold, which obviously makes them expensive items to make properly. For great protection from all harm.

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