After a long break from doing binding rituals we decided to include them again because the price is good and the details of this ritual are superb.

Binding rituals are usually for bringing a lover back so the deluge of people wanting to talk about their lost lovers was too much after a few years but we are entering difficult astrology and it is time to start them once more. This is because a binding ritual can be done for many reasons, yes, to bring a lover back but also for binding your lover now. Besides that there may be a coming need to bind friends, and the same can ritual can be done for your boss or those in authority above you. This could save your job or bring more support from them, and there is a Wicha for all these styles.

The other factor in starting these again is the fact that they are not being done in a graveyard using the ghosts to influence the object person (which is more expensive) but instead uses angels and tree sprites that reside in a particularly strange Bodhi tree. The photos above show the tree, which was weird in the day time, let alone when the rituals will be done after dark. My camera electronics also played up, which is common when being messed with in supernaturally active places.

The ritual itself will use three candles that have hand written spells inside and we need the names, dates and places of birth as well as photos of each person in the binding, if you have them.

So to be clear, nothing will be posted to you, the postage charged ($13) is part of the fee but photos will be sent of the binding ritual. The best days for the rituals will added each month and this session will be held on Tuesday April 12th. The price is good for these things because by doing it as a group it means we can sell each cheaper and actually, a group of candles is stronger than a single candle. They boost the effect of each other.

For Payment - Paypal payments now have a 7% sales tax due to changes in Paypal Thailand. Payments are also accepted through WISE via the email, which has no fee. The site also automatically charges for the standard trackable registered Post ($14), which is part of the price of the ritual.

A Binding Ritual for Love and Support by Ajarn Tui on Tuesday April 12th