Around two years ago during the moving of a large statue in Wat Sanomlao, the old temple of Luang Phor Pina there was a large earthenware pot discovered that they suspected was full of old amulets. It was the habit of the old Master Monk to charge the hand made statues in the ground by using old amulets and hundreds have been found, which funded the restorations. A ceremony was organised to have important amulet collectors and monks witness the opening of the jar and yes, it was full of items from the early to mid 80's when he primarily used bone powder to power his pieces.

This is a large Phra Pidtaa amulet made from bone powder and the earths of the temple and it is a rather beautiful colour. The odd things is that these were never released and no one has seen this design before, they were made specially for the job of powering an important statue in the temple. They were fully blessed by the Master Monk and have also absorbed the earth element while buring for over 40 years in a temple ground, which we presume was the idea of making these, both for empowerment and later sale once fully charged.

It is an ethereal piece of magic that brings Metta Mahaniyom (kindness and popularity), protection from malicious forces and all forms of harm and measures 2.7" in its silver case.

A rare and exceptional item.

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A Bone Powder Phra Pidtaa Amulet by Luang Phor Pina in silver

  • This is a classic style of amulet that brings the power of the Yoni to anyone for attraction, great fortune and the breaking down of the boundaries between the sexes.