This is a classic piece from the hands of the Burmese Master, Kruba Apiwat who produced this 5 years ago and it comes with its original temple case. The amulet consists of two intertwined figures in the act of love, which has been cast from a specific mixture of herbs following  Burmese Wicha.  This is such an ancient spell as the pursuit of love is as old as society itself.

The figures have been covered in gold leaf and burmished into a stunning piece that has now been silver cased to great effect. This amulet is good for any gender and any orientation, it brings harmony to groups of people and the family and achieves a balance between friends of all types. It brings love and kindness from others at all times of the day and Metta from anyone close, which makes it useful work, home and play time.

An utterly gorgeous amulet that measures 1.3" and comes with the Namo Dtassa chant.

I adore Burmese magic.

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A Burmese Yaa Inn Khoo Amulet by Kruba Apiwat in silver

  • The Inn Khoo is one of the oldest forms of Wicha because the persuit of love is as old as society itself. An amulet like this increases your chances and once cannected, can help you thrive with strong lust and vigour.