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A Carved Bone Figure with a Takrut to bring the birth of Magic by Ajarn Apichai

Some fascinating items come to light when on the Burmese border.

This figure is carved from the forearm bone of a lady who died in the conflict in Burma. It is uncremated bone, which brings more power as the oils remain. Ajarn first sealed the bone with a natural lacquer and applied gold leaf to great effect. He then added a Yant that is the foundation of all Yants, and can be seen as the birth of magic itself. This Yant brings success to the magic already present through the image or after being blessed in. It has 108 attributes, so it can be used successfully with aspect of Thai magic.
Ajarn used this Takrut because the Yant Na Pattaman Gamnert is the start of magic that brings the attributes placed in that piece. This creates the attributes for however the bone is represented, and bring success to that attribute.

The first piece is a Phuttakhun carving (a Phra Pidtaa) so the Takrut brings the attributes of avoiding danger, protection, Metta and good luck and fortune.

This measures 1.8" and comes with the card of Ajarn Apichai and a specific kata.

Clever magic with heavy Prai.

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A Carved Bone Figure with a Takrut to bring the birth of Magic by Ajarn Apichai

  • By intelligent Prai Magic I mean that through Ajarn Apichai's ability to look on Thai Occultism from above, he can choose the best and simplest way to bring magic to our lives.

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