I love the old style of raw prai magic and this is a fantatstic example from a Cambodian monk called Phra Ajarn Dtem, who resides close to the Thai border.

I have not seen this type of amulet for some time as access to the bone source is now difficult. The amulet consist of a section of leg bone from the same kid as the arm bone amulets on the site. Leg bones support us and the Thais think that they bring better good fortune with money magic than the arm, which tends to pick the magic it wants. Both styles have a similar prai load on the back that is bound to a large copper Takrut using the thread from the boy's funeral. The whole thing has then been placed into a Saneah oil as we can all do with more Saneah!

This amulet is a like an extremely raw Kuman and needs to be looked after accordingly. He likes red Fanta, sweets and sometimes a bowl of rice but these spirits can be very chatty indeed and quite easy to connect to. They have a reputation of beng naughty but I don't find them so, they just need controlling and a light tap on the head with a chop stick if he is naughty does the trick. Talk to him like a parent, encourage him to grant wishes and always reward him with merit as fast as you can. Items such as this are famous for bringing money.

Measures 3.6" and comes with a prai kata. I love this piece as the blackened bon is so black you can lose yourself into the spirit.

Ancient magic.

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A Childs Leg Bone Amulet by Phra Ajarn Dtem (Cambodian Magic)

  • I use this broad term to group older forms of magic that use raw ingredients of heavy prai with little thought as to their beauty. These can be highly rewarding peices that reflect our true nature and closeness to the spirit world.