I love the old style of raw prai magic and this is a fantatstic example from a Cambodian monk called Phra Ajarn Dtem, who resides close to the Thai border. With the restrictions now in place this type of work has been curtailed, which is a shame but it does make this piece more essential to any fans of Thai magic.

This is what is known as a Kuman Duud Lok, an image of a Kuman who is sucking his own intestine, which expresses a magic that constantly renews itself, like the child ghost version of an Ouroboros. The figure has been cast from graveyard earths and wrapped in an old corpse cloth. Two Takrut and a phial of saneah oil have then been bound to it with the thread that binds the hands of a corpse at a funeral. At the bottom is a good sized piece of child bone for empowerment. It's a cracking piece.

This is a spirit boy and needs to be looked after accordingly. He likes red Fanta, sweets and sometimes a bowl of rice but these can be very chatty indeed and quite easy to connect to. They have a reputation of beng naughty but I don't find them so, they just need controlling and a light tap on the head with a chop stick if he is naughty does the trick. Talk to him like a parent, encourage him to grant wishes and always reward him with merit.

This is a fine example of the art of making Kuman Thong.

Measures 3" and comes with a Kuman kata.

Ancient magic.

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A Classic Cambodian Kuman Duud Lok Amulet by Phra Ajarn Dtem LAST ONE

  • The Kuman is one of the legendary forms of spirit magic from Thailand where we gaina  spirit child to help with tthe things needed in life and to do our bidding.