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These are becoming rare as everything has to be done by hand, which takes a while and so few of this type are now produced. This example is by my favourite Pha Yant artists, Ajarn Apichai and he has used corpse cloth for extra potency. His work with these things is exceptional.

The Pha Yant shows an assembly of sex Yant styles, from the traditional male/female combo to an elephant taking a woman and same sex couplings. Anything goes here, whatever suits you and there is then an assembly of Yant Na and potent magical forces to bring sex to your home. This is a charm that is best hung in the home next to your altar (or bedroom, despite the presence of a ghost) and is a superb example of the art of making Pha Yant.

An astonishing piece that measures 18" x 12.5" and is a work of art that deserves a frame. Pure necromantic - and if anyone should be doing sex yants, it is Ajarn Apichai.

A Corpse Cloth of Sex Yants by Ajarn Apichai

  • Chin Athan means a piece that is supernatural in nature and a Pha Yant made from the cloth that has covered a supernaturally potent corpse is a fabulous source of power.

  • I offer a 30 days return policy with a refund on receipt of the item but for some items I cannot do that as they need blessing again by the maker, some of whom I do not know personally. This is a problem with spiritual items but I will always endeavor to help where I can.