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A good Maai Kru is an essential tool to any magician and are akin to a wand. In Thailand they are used to connect the heavens to the earth through the Ajarn and also to control the lower realms, and this one is by Ajarn Perm Rung. It would be difficult to find a better modern example as this is a magnificent Maai Kru, a statement piece.
This Maai Kru consists of a scripted wooden staff that is bound at the base with blessed cord and a large brass finial and the top holds a cast metal Lersi Phor Gae Head!!! This has then been scripted in gold in Khom and the whole thing blessed over months, rather than at one time. An item of astonishing quality and Ajarn Perm Rung is magnificent at producing these.

This is a rare opportunity to get such an item and of the cost, $45 of it are for excess postage and it JUST fits into the maximum sized box allowed for the postal system I use. It is heavy.

Measures 15" and is a magnificent piece.

A Fabulous 15" Lersi Maai Kru Wand by Ajarn Perm Rung

  • This is the 'Teacher's Staff', the Thai version of a wand and a magician uses it to access the powers available in the different realms.