I adore a good Rahu talisman and the best are made using a full one eye coconut. This new release of a Rahu Full Galaa on a stand isfrom the renowned old Kruba Khamfan (and it sold out in advance) and all the carving has been done by hand . I have not seen as fine a Galaa in a long time and they have the ability to bring about a change in the life of a devotee.

The work in this is exceptional and shows the Rahu Demon on the front and has the astrological magic carved in to the rear. On the top you can see the open mouth and the single eye and it is this mouth that eats and stores good fortune, gorging himself when it is plentiful and saving it within the galaa.

How this has been made for this price I don't know, the carving must have taken a long time and one eye galaa are rare to find, maybe only a few in 10,000.

Rahu is famous for bringing Serm Duang, which is the attribute of refreshing the lines of fate and lifting the fortunes, something for which Rahu is renowned and it is why the people of this region turn to Rahu when things get tough. Rahu likes to have offerings on the full moon, periods of eclipse and Buddhist days, enjoying either 3, 5 or 8 black foods and candles, the details of which will be given to the buyer. It is OK to give 3 if it is easier, because praising him can help everyone and if the devotee is helped, the merit of that action passes to the maker and to the deity himself. I love Rahu as an extremely rewarding deity if praised correctly.

This Rahu measures just over 6" on the stand and comes with a Rahu kata. This is a fantastic one, a lovely size and I unwrap and photo each as they sell. These are fantastic Rahu Galaa.

Efficient magic for the renewal of luck and fate. LAST TWO. The first pic is of this Rahu after being wiped with coconut oil which he loves and it keeps the Galaa beautiful.

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A Fabulous Hand Carved Rahu Full Galaa by Kruba Khamfan LAST TWO

  • The Rahu talisman is an ancient invocation of Brahmin forces to realign the lines of fate into a more favourable direction. He has specific needs and the best ones are made from one eyed coconut, which can bring a surprising clout to the item. Rarely prai in nature but they can be made from a galaa that has been used in funerary practices of old or to mix materials for spells and incantations.