This is the Nam Man Prai Maha Waet that has been made from a See Pung Prai extracted from the body of Mae Nut and has other prai oils by the legendary Lanna magician Kruba Pornsit, along with Gai Daeng oil, 108 Waan for good fortune, the 108 Parasite plants mix. When this was made, it was blessed by an aseembly of monks including Kruba Boonpan and is great for Saneah, Gambling, Business good fortune and negotiations.

This was made around 7 years ago when Ajarn Pornsit was still making heavy prai items and training some of the finest magicians of the current generation, who include Ajarn Ting. He is a legend for his prai items but is always thought to have done too much and has health problems, so they are selling off the temple collection to support him as he becomes frail.

Nam Man Prai of this type is to praise only, it cannot be put onto people as it is way too strong. It offers strong protection, wealth and attraction, for which you should treat them with perfume, flowers or even make up. Bucha this Nam Man Prai to do your magical bidding and use bloody park and alcohol as a special offering for requests that have been granted.
The bottles measure 2" and comes with Kruba Pornsit's card but no kata, you just connect to Mae Nut directly and learn to wield this potent item.

Wonderfully potent old style prai.

A Fabulous Nam Man Prai Mae Nut by Kruba Pornsit

  • This legendary product is now hard to find and the best ones are extracted from the bodies of dead pregnant ladies. Fantastic for bringing lovers, persuading people, and bringing good fortune.

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