This is the last of this classic Nang Prai Bucha by Ajarn Verataep that I can find and was still shrink wrapped on purchase. Released around 5 years ago, this is a top example of the art of Prai from Ajarn Verataep, who was at the top of his powers at this time.

This is a bucha that has been cast froma  mix of female prai and graveyard dirt and that is it but add to this the psyche of Ajarn Verataep and you have something rather special. It shows a golden, curled up skeletal lady with red eyes and she has had Akhara for activation applied during the blessing. There is just one tiny chip on one knee and otherwise, this is a rare and virtually pristine copy of this rare piece.

For wishes, good fortune and protection and comes with Ajarn Verataep's kata.
Measures 6" and I would suggest that you light 16 incense to the land spirits as this enters the home so they open the way.

A stunning piece.

A Fabulous Old Nang Prai Bucha from Ajarn Verataep - LAST ONE

  • The Nang Prai spell is one of the most effective in The Thai Occult but when they use spectacularly strong ghosts, such as is the case with Phor Sala Tan's 5 ladies, they are something quite exceptional.