I love the imagery of 4 Ears 5 Eyes amulets and this is a spectacularly gorgeous piece from Kruba Tao that was made 3 years ago and comes with its original temple box. It is the Ong Kru release from that time and is number 22 of 99 made.

There are a few things that make this a special release. Firstly, that it is hand carved from elephant bone and it is beautifully done, top class workmanship to show 4 ears 5 eyes eating his red hot coals. Round the back there is a gilt turd emerging from behind and even though it is cased with silver you can see the number 22 below and also the pure gold Takrut! The Takrut holds the spell that activates this piece and to find gold ones is rare due to the cost involved.

For great fortune and a rise in social status. The legend on 4 Ears 5 Eyes states that he eats hot coals and shits pure gold and one of the offerings is a piece of coal, which should be left on the altar. Besides that, just water, 3 incense and the Namo Dtassa chant makes this an easy piece.

A nice size at 1.6" and it'll be sent on a very simple black cord.

Beautiful Thai Magic.

PLEASE COPY THE LISTING WHEN BUYING as it might be the last one.

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A Fabulous Ong Kru 4 Ears 5 Eyes Amulet by Kruba Tao in silver

  • The imagery for this amulet is almost as good of the story of the amulet and the magic it carries for great fortune and serm baramee, a rise in status.