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This is an amazing amulet from the mighty Ajarn Suea of Chiang Mai. The amulet consists of a finely carved image of Ganesh (Picanet in Thai) in ruby, and to see amulets from this gem is extremely rare. The stone itself is not of gem grade but the colour is beautiful and it has been nicely carved.

What is remakable here is that no oil or Takrut is needed to activate this amulet. Ganesh is requested to enter the piece and the feeling is very good indeed, almost like an angellic Ganesh, a high magic feeling.

This amulet brings the qualities of Ganesh, an ease with people, an aid to teachers and artists, as well as protection and good fortune. Add to this, the fact that this comes from Ajarn Suea and you have a fantastic piece of magic.

One of only 5 made.

Measures 1.4" and comes with Ajarns card and kata. A very special talisman.

A Fabulous Raw Ruby Ganesh in silver by Ajarn Suea

  • Ganesh is known as Picanet in Thai and brings the attributes of Maha Niyom, good fortune, attraction and wealth but also boosts the qualities of teachers and artists, which is his main role in the Hindu regions.

  • I offer a 30 days return policy with a refund on receipt of the item but for some items I cannot do that as they need blessing again by the maker, some of whom I do not know personally. This is a problem with spiritual items but I will always endeavor to help where I can.