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A Famous Hoon Payon Muay Thai Boxer Locket by Ajarn Uthen - Protection 2017 - 4

This is a famous locket that was released way back in 2017 and sold very well indeed, making Ajarn Uthen famous. There were bucha to the Thai Boxer Hoon Payon too, which are superb, so I may try and find some of those too as they are so cool.

The Hoon Payon is one of the more ancient spells that is still used in the Thai system, and it is phenomenally useful as it creates a spirit entity that envelopes the body to create a second image. It is that image that is attacked if someone wishes you harm, through malicious spirits or curses. The whole process of construction is controlled by kata and then the Hoon Payon is brought to life using the 32 parts of the body and four elements magic.

This Hoon Payon acts as personal security to bring peace to the owner. It repels all forms of harm and shields the owner from any malicious actions. A Hoon Payon was my first amulet and it changed my life as it released a huge amount of good fortune that was being held back.

It measures 2.25" and comes with the Namo Dtassa kata.

Classic Thai Magic.

Please copy the listing as it gets removed after selling out.

For Payment - Paypal payments now have a 7% sales tax due to changes in Paypal Thailand.

Standard trackable registered Post ($15) is now available to the USA, Europe, the UK, and Australia for parcels up to the value of $300. ALL orders over $300 and those to Canada, Japan, and NZ - by COURIER ONLY ($55) and it gets there in 5 to 9 days. So on a big order it may be best to make single orders unless you need the box quickly.

If wanting to post using another system in Asia, please write to me and we can work it out.

A Famous Hoon Payon Muay Thai Boxer Locket by Ajarn Uthen - Protection 2017

  • This is an ancient spell for protection that creates a second body that gets attacked instead of the bearer. This body can also absorb negative astrological influences, which can give a huge boost to the good fortune of the person wearing it.

    Hoon Payon are made from a multitude of materials, but traditionally, the maker used agricultural materials (particularly grasses, including one called Yaa Kaa, which is used for roof laying and it is often cut from a cemetery for a Hoon Payon), soil, metal, wood or bamboo that has been made into the shape of a person and often bound with ‘Sai Sin’ ceremonial thread. This thread is used when a monk or Ajarn cordons off an area for protection while he performs a ritual, as well as the thread used during funeral rites. If more clout is needed for the talisman, the maker will use the Sai Sin from a funeral as it is considered to be Prai in nature, added to both increase the power to the item and to bind the spirit in the effigy. The hair from a corpse is also commonly added when available and this brings great potency.

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