This amulet consists of a large 3rd eye panneng taken from a lady's skull, which can be worn or be held while meditating, this is akin to hip hop jewellery with necromancy. The third eye region is considered the most potent and items such as this are both highly valued and now rarely made. Ajarn Tay is the best at this type of work as he is one of the most gifted prai magicians in Thailand due to his training as a Luksit with Phor Sala Tan.

This Panneng is carved to Mae Per to show that she is very good for Saneah, love, strong protection and money. The load underneath is fantastic and the matrix consists of the black sap of the Maai Rak tree with added bone powder and graveyard earths. Into this has been pressed chunks of bone, a coffin nail, a phial of earth, 4 Takrut, a roll of corpse cloth, a Phra Ngang and an Inn Khoo for love. This is one hell of a piece.

For all matters relating to love and great fortune and anything you wish to come to your life as these items have no bounds magically. The spirit in this can even be sent to talk in the minds of others and praising this will hone your abilities as a magician. I have two items by Ajarn Tay and his kata has been of great help in my life. Always use merit as a currency when praising this Panneng and it will help you with everything.
Measures 3.75" wide and comes with Ajarn Tay's kata.

Living magic.

Orders over $200 and those to Canada, Japan, and NZ - by COURIER ONLY ($50).
Please write to me if unsure and we can work it out.

A Fantastic 3rd Eye Panneng to Mae Per by Ajarn Tay

  • Panneng are one of the top magical items in Thailand and come from people who have died a prai death - accident, murders, suicides etc Their form of death renders their remains supernatural and the Ajarns can tap and enhance this source of power to aid the lives of the living, while the living aid the life of the ghost by using merit as a reward for services given.