This is a very simple yet potent release from the Phra Ajarns at my favourite temple, Wat Paa, which is North of Chiang Mai and the monks there follow the Tai Yai way of magic. We adore their dedication and their work and often Tamboon with them to help their building programme and their aiding their local community. The second two pics show Phra Ajarn etching the piece with his Maleng Puu Bee Mai Kru and the last one shows the extra blessing he kindly bestowed.

The amulet consists of a finely carved Goad that has been made from the horn of a buffalo that died by lightning strike, which is a very traditional and ancient source of a highly supernatural material. Things sturck by lightning are regarded as having the power of nature within and it is rare to find now. The goats are really cute and are now set into a Burmese Wicha oil for strong attraction, an additional attribute to add to the blessing for the goat. The image of the Goat is used because its name gives a play on words that means success and winning in all situations, meaning that it brings great fortune, popularity and Metta, which are the best attributes for business. People will treat you kindly and like you, on top of which the blessing for great fortune helps will all money ventures.

I adore this type of work for being simple and beautiful and highly effective for its benefits of popularity, good fortune and charm. This amulets likes offerings of perfumed flowers, green bananas and even a small jar of honey, which is kept closed.

The amulet measures 1.35" and as is the case with most Burmese Wicha, it does not need a kata as it is already in the piece.

Pure quality - typical of Burmese magic.

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A Fantastic Carved Lightning Horn Goat Amulet by Wat Paa - Burmese Magic

  • There is so much more Burmese magic than we know, a system rooted in mystery and deep Samathi. The system is renowned for its potency as well as amazing see pung and astonishing mixtures of herbal materials. I need to visit.