This was so expensive to acquire but there is only one and it is so magnificent that I could not resist it. It is a life size mask of Mae Takien Thong, the golden Mae Takien spirit who resides in certain trees, and therefore the wood used is Takien wood. It has been hand carved and hand painted and then fully blessed by the legendary Ajarn Plian, the Master of South Thai magic. This is hwy the Yant Na look strange and I presume that this is part of the South Thai wicha, which is decidedly strange. I have amulets carved from wood from Ajarn Plian on the deities page and they are stunning too. We need to know more about the South Thai system.

This has a head hood stitched onto the wood as well as an elastic to make it easy to wear, and you ask for wishes while wearing it. The hair is human but not sure whether it is corpse hair and who whole assembly has an incredible sense of life. This is for money, enchantment and influencing other people and is the best wood mask I have ever had.

The mask measures 9.7" long and comes with a dedicated kata.

Ancient magic.

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A Fantastic Mae Takien Thong Wood Mask with Hair by Ajarn Plian

  • While being known more for the Korb Sian, the masks that cover the whole head, some makers are now doing face masks as the Korb Sian are impossible to post. There are hopefully some incredible examples on the way!