Kruba Kritsana was incredibly popular for some time and is now out of favour a little but finding these in old stock recently reminded me how good he is.

This is one of his Ong Kru Master Amulets from 8 years ago and bought brand new from a reliable source with the certificate included (yes, he used to get copied but the quality is always crap). This amulet is made from his mixture of earths, crushed stone and herbs that he used when making amulets for Great Fortune, which is what he is most famous for. The front shows his beautifully painted money spider in her web, which catches money or good fortune that comes near. If you look carefully, there are many fine Yant Na at the bottom and a line of script and the whole spider is edged with cut stones.

The rear has 2 large Takrut, more cut stones and an inpressed Ganesh for bounty, knowledge and understanding. This is a stunningly beautiful piece that brings Metta and Great Fortune, as well as protection from all forms of harm, which includes black magic.

Measures 2.75" and a breath taking piece.

Comes with his card/certificate and just the Namo Dtassa kata.

A Fantastic Money Spider Ong Kru Amulet by Kruba Kritsana 2555 (2012)

  • Pure Buddhist amulets (without Prai materials) are known as Puttakhun magic and they work in a gentler way but still offer sustained magical force.