The Rok Meow is a legendary item that attracts great fortune and is a rare and efficient amulet from Thailand's strongly magical past. This is a cat's placenta, which are generally eaten by the mother after birth but a few are not touched, which is considered to be supernatural occurance. These items are renowned for great fortune as the Rok Meow as it is often shaped like a money bag and the cat itself is a lucky animal.

This is ancient local magic that come from the regions strongly animist past but Rok Meow are now quite rare to find. These need little care with the offering being just a saucer of milk and you call it for luck but calling for a cat in Thailand, meow meow meow, which I will record for you. There is no set kata so it is an easy piece to have but I only have the two shown.

The amulets of Phra Ajarn Tun are fab, and this has now been cased in silver.

Measures 1.75".

A great form of local magic.

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A Fantastic Rok Meow Amulet by Phra Ajarn Tun in silver LAST ONE

  • There are many forms of animist magic in Thailand which come from the mists of time and are often older than Buddhism itself. The Rok Meow is one such piece, which works because of its shape and the nature of the cat as an animal of good fortune and Metta.