I was delighted to see Ajarn Suea do this single piece after he found a suitable scorpion and hope he does more bespoke work like this as it is very special indeed. Ajarn exemplifies the Lanna system and the use of animals in this region produces the best results.

The scorpion is for knocking back malicious forces and black magic because everything is scared of a scorpion. To use these they have to die a natural death and there's often a glut of them when the fields burn in the dry season but this was found early and is in perfect condition. It has been placed on an intricate hand inscribed Yant plate with three hand made Takrut to enhance the attributes in the scorpion itself. No one is better than Ajarn Suea at this and it has been very nicely cased too. I hope he makes more.

Measures 2.6" and comes with Ajarns card and kata.

Ancient Lanna magic.

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A Fantastic Scorpion Amulet by the mighty Ajarn Suea

  • The Lanna system has an amazing array of animist style amulets that bring the attributes of the animal being used. Tiger parts for authority and invincibility, scorpions to repel, snakes for sex and enchantment etc