I love Mae Nang Phim, she is so beautiful. This is a Mae Nang Phim that has been carved from Mai Niyom (for bountry and popularity) at LP Up's Wat in Nakhon Pathom, which is really worth a visit. Luang Phor Up diiscovered Mae Nang Phim when she came to him during meditation and told him her story.

Mae Nang Phim was pregnant at a time before modern medical practices and she was going through a very difficult birth because the baby was coming out legs first. She is always depicted this way but it meant that she was going to die and she knew it but instead of beseaching The Buddha for herself, she asked him to help other women with health problems, to help them live instead of them going through the pain she was enduring. The Buddha heard her plea and was so impressed at her unselfishness that he raised her to be a deity.

At the Wat is a huge bucha of Mae Nang Phim and she glows like the sun. Her amulets bring a peaceful calm, health aspects and the usual attraction, popularity and good fortune that we all need in life. The old bucha to her are just stunning and I will try and find a few on my next visit.
Measures just 2.65" and comes with the makers kata, which is just as beautiful as she is.

A Fine Mae Nang Phim Amulet by Luang Phor Up

  • Mae Nang Phim was discovered by the reveered Luang Phor Up of Wat Thong Sai in Nakhon Pathom many years ago during meditation. She is beautiful and brings a health aspect with her bountiful grace.

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