I love a good Prai amulet and this is a gem of an old issue by Ajarn Apichai of Chiang Mai, who is brilliant at all things releated to saneah and sex. These came from old stock and is an enamel locket dedicated to the deity of love, Phet Phayatorn.

The front of the amulet is a very fine enamel panel showing Phet Phayatorn with one of his ladies and is a beautiful and traditional image of him. The rear of the talisman consists of a high quality mixture of saneah plants plants with three Takrut, a Kuman Thong that has been carved from a branch that two people hung themselves from and a chunk of Panneng froma  Phi Tai Hong. Ajarn Apichai is brilliant at amulets for sex attraction and this one combines some of the strongest Saneah magic and has the power of Helps a single person to find a lover but if you already have a lover it helps the lover to be faithful.

The amulet has the power to influence the opposite sex and make them want to love you.

Helps the opposite sex to have sexual desire towards you.

Brings support from the people at work and those around you, even ghosts will feel Metta towards you.

It protects against evil spirits, black magic and harm from enemies.

Brings fortune, good luck and success in business.

And you can also say the kata for this item at any time so your lover misses you.
This amulet measures 2.25" and comes with the makers card and kata.

A Fine Old Issue Phet Phayatorn Prai Amulet by Ajarn Apichai

  • Phet Phayatorn is akin to being the deity of love and sexual attraction and is often used as an image for potent sex amulets without the usual lurid image. He's like a classy Casanova, polite in public but a ravaging sexual maniac in private.

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