While at Ajarn's today I managed to find another one of these, a fine Phra Sivalee amulet that was released as a run of only 9 by Ajarn Suea in the early part of last year. This was carved from Burmese crystal quartz and all Ajarn has done is add his Takrut for Phra Sivalee and give it a full blessing. It is an amulet that has life and a beautiful feeling.

Phra Sivalee was the favourite Luksit of The Buddha who attained the highest levels of spiritual abilities in a short period of time. He is always depicted as the wandering monk and the kata is HIS kata and it is the heart kata for good fortune. Phra Sivalee also protects travellers but finding good examples of amulets to him is not easy - and this is by far the best I have ever found.

The amulet measures 2.6" and comes with the original kata and Ajarn Suea's card. It has also received an extra blessing from Ajarn.

Life changing magic.

A Fine Phra Sivalee Amulet in Crystal by Ajarn Suea

  • Phra Sivalee was The Buddha's favourite student who raised his spiritual awareness and abilities in an astonishingly short time. He is the travelling monk who can go anywhere safely and the bringer of good fortune.

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