The is a beautiful Mae Per Prai amulet from the renowned Kruba Kritsadaa, who always produces naturally made pieces of super nature and is famous for his 4 Ears 5 Eyes. Mae Per is shown here in her usual position of showing her vagina but here she has been carved from Takien Wood that had a prai death and then placed in a fine oil for Saneah. She has been finely scripted in Lanna and has a small plug of prai underneath.

The feeling of this amulet is raw, powerful and earthy, which is perfect for this highly protective nature mother Connect to Mae Per and you will be OK, the level of protection offered by the mother is the strongest of all, as is her love for her devotees. This is a stunning amulet from a Master maker of Mae Per Talismans and was produced a few years ago, hence the reasonable price.
Measures just 2.3" and comes with the makers card and kata.

This amulet is very highly recommended as an item of power.

A Fine Takien Wood Mae Per Prai Amulet by Kruba Kritsadaa

  • Mae Per is the mother, the primordial power of the land, the vagina and fertility and one of the more ancient deities in the Thai pantheon. She accepts all and loves all, with the protection only a mother can give.

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