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The Relic Phra Pidtaa Amulet with the remains of Kruba Inn Taa in silver - 5

I love amulets that use the bones or body products of famous spiritual men, be they Ajarns, monks or in this case, a renowned Kruba (teacher monk) by the name of Kruba Intaa, who passed a few years ago. Kruba Intaa is known to the followers of this site because it was he who started looking after the spirit of Nong Ping, eventually raising her to be an angel. He was highly revered by the Lanna people.

This is a Relic Phra Pid Taa and the front shows a skeleton that is covering its eyes, an act that infers that we will not be judged by our actions by the materials in this amulet. And yes, these materials can be used for a Pid Taa through Buddhist magic. With this containing the relic bones of a high monk, it is treated like a lower level Phra Thaat and goes on the deity altar.

This amulet was made by two of his disciples - Phor Nan Lat and Phor Noi Tau who used  Kruba Inn Taa's bone powder and a pong created by them, which is a dust that is derived from writing magic in chalk. They have produced this exceptional piece in small numbers and they have been well blessed for Metta as they have great effect on those around us.

This is an important amulet that is cased in silver with a silver skull at the top.

Measures 2.2" and comes with the maker's card and the Namo Dtassa kata.

Special magic.

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The Relic Phra Pidtaa Amulet with the remains of Kruba Inn Taa in silver

  • The bone products of high monks can be used in amulets and they bring a remarkable effect on life due to their metta within. These almost shine and give us access to the higher forms of existance.

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