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I am going to sell two of my amulets that contain the body of my favourite monk, Luang Phor Pina, who was pronounced an Arahant while he was meditating through his own death (he had also forseen the date he was going to die). Luaang Phor Pina was famous for his outrageously good Prai items, that were made at a time when access to the top supernaturl materials was not restricted, even releasing items that contained the Prai from nuns who had died in accidents.

Before he died he left instructions not to give him a funeral and to keep his body in a glass box. To support his temple (Wat Sanomlao) after he died he also gave permission to use his body to make amulets and a few years after he passed (2002), the monks at his temple boiled his bones to produce a Nam Man Prai. They separated his flesh from his bones previously (I have a ball of his flesh) and still have a huge tub of that to this day.

I found an old supplier who had 10 original bottles of Luang Phor Pina's NMP around 3 years ago and it has a very particular smell. Being close to Luang Phor I used to put it onto my skin for connection from time to time but due to its rarity, then made three small amulets from it and cased them in gold because otherwise it would have degraded in time. This is one of those 3 amulets and I was going to keep it but I already have a ball of his flesh and another item that contains his prai.

Items such as this offer direct connection to one of the most famously magical monks in Thailand's history and are so rare that I doubt ever finding more. Astonishingly rare things.

For Metta and Good Fortune.

Measures 1" in a 98.8% pure gold case and comes with the kata to Luang Phor Pina himself.

A Gold Cased Amulet that contains the Nam Man Prai of Luang Phor Pina

  • Certain items can be classed as a relic when includes the remains of famous monks or items that contain their essence, such as their robes. These items are nighly valued in Thailand as they offer direct connection to a spiritual person of repute.