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These are becoming rare as everything has to be done by hand, which takes a while, so if the Ajarn charged for his time they would be very expensive. Few of this type are now produced.

This example is by the renowned Ajarn Nahn Ting of Chiang Mai and was made last week from the shroud that covered a Phi Tai Hong ghost. What makes this very special is that it is a named Corpse Cloth! So they knew the body it came from and her name is on the cloth itself in what looks like brackets above the horse's head. She was young so is called Nong Saen Jan and her name can be used when praising her or chatting to her spirit because she is quite present.

The Pha Yant shows a Horse 'taking' a Woman in the classic Lanna way, with Yant constructions in each corner and all in Lanna script. It even has Ajarn Ting's Samnak stamp.

This is a charm that is best hung in the home next to your altar and is a superb example of the art of making Pha Yant.

An astonishing piece that measures 10.5" x 9" and is a work of art that deserves a frame but can also be put into a pocket, in your bag or even in a bag round the neck where you can get close to her, she's lovely.

It is very rare to find a named Pha Yant Prai!

A NAMED Corpse Cloth Maa Saep Nang Pha Yant by Ajarn Ting

  • Chin Athan means a piece that is supernatural in nature and a Pha Yant made from the cloth that has covered a supernaturally potent corpse is a fabulous source of power.

  • I offer a 30 days return policy with a refund on receipt of the item but for some items I cannot do that as they need blessing again by the maker, some of whom I do not know personally. This is a problem with spiritual items but I will always endeavor to help where I can.