It is rare to find unusual Hanuman amulets, which is why there are so few on this site. This is a remarkable exception to that from Luang Pu Lee, which was released 3 years ago and comes from old stock in the correct Temple packaging.

This amulet consists of a used bullet case that contains a Takrut for protection, authority and good fortune, which also helps with love, your position within society and your social standing. Attached to the case is a Hanuman in a form that he is climbing up the case and his tail covers the hole at the bottom of the bullet case. I have wrapped his body in silver wire to enable this to be worn and it has come out as a very cool amulet indeed! My casing man is great, making this a highly unusual and effective piece a must have. A remarkable piece of Thai Occultism.

It measures 2.25" and comes with the temple box and kata.

A Hanuman Takrut Bullet Amulet by Luang Pu Lee - LAST ONE

  • Hanuman is the monkey god of Indian origin who is often seen in traditional Thai Dancing dramas such as the Ramakien. He is more commonly seen as a Sak Yant rather than an amulet but in both cases he brings authority and good fortune.

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