One of the unique things that marks the Burmese system of magic is how they produce their Muan Sarn mixtures. There appears to be hundreds of them, all serving a different purpose and many are linked to the cults surrounding the famous Weiza immortals. This mixture has been made by Ajarn Sala Boon Khong, who is one of the finest experts in Burmese magic as well as many other regional forms. The cabinet in his Samnak (4th pic) shows some of the herbal (and prai) mixtures he makes with the top level ones being the spiritually highest, the middle shelf is the human realm and then below that are the lower forms.

This ball of materials fulfils a function similar to the Thai attribute of Chok Laap by bringing good fortune to the bearer, and it has the right feeling for good Burmese magic - mysterious and wonderful. It would be a good addition to the amulet of the Shan King for gambling that is sold with the balls for spiritual baths.

The amulet measures just 1.2" and comes with no kata, just connect to it and keep yourself spiritually clean by saying Namo Dtassa and keeping the 5 precepts, if at all possible.

A Herbal Ball for Good Fortune by Ajarn Sala Boon Khong - Burmese Mag

  • Burmese magic is both mysterious and potent with different ways than their Thai neighbours. Much of the magic comes from the cults of the Weiza and involves mercury and strange techniques. There are also few amulets produced from the systeem and I endeavor to find what is available as there are devoted fans of this system.

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