Luang Pu Simpalee is producing some wonderfully strange items at this time as he explores the Wicha of his lineage. He has produced pyramids that aid Samathi, items that boost the health and clean the body and now this fine Duang Taa with a fantastic pressed metal image on the front. This has been pressed from a scripted Yant plate, so it carries magic and the image is the Eye of Horus!

The back of the amulet carries more potency for this piece with an inserted and singly blessed Salika to enchant the speech, stones from holy places and even a small ball of Leklai Thong Palai that carries the wind element to circulate the energies in the body and bring a rise in status. These and a Takrut have been pressed into a herb rich matrix that contains Waan Maha Long for Saneah attraction and this collection of items brings something very unusual in an amulet by attracting money, bringing health as well as improving our chances of love.

Unusually, this official description of this piece also says it contains Phra Thaat!!! This is usually the remains of a monk and are very special items but I cannot see what they are referring to, it is just in the description.

Measures 2.25" and I got the last 4, which won't last long. It uses the Namo Dtassa kata..

A great item from a great old monk.

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An Unusual Duangtaa Amulet by Luang Pu Simpalee - Run 3

  • The Duang Taa is the eye of fortune. An amulet to help with beneficial astrology and these come as either prai or Phuttakhun based amulets with the most famous ones being from the hands of the great Luang Phor Pina!