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This is a large Silver Ring that uses the Mercury Eats Gold Palaut from Kruba Boonlert, a renowned old Kruba from Lampoon. These Palaut represent the purity of the maker as he instills the piece with his own qualities while being produced, all through a process controlled by kata and the Wicha for this originates in Burma.

This is an amalgam of mercury and Samlit which is legendary for pulling luck to the bearer, and I have put in a ring in the traditional way because it is important that is can be touched for the direct transfer of power. In Burma, it is common to see people rubbing their Palaut for a 'hit', a boost in personal fortune whenever they need it. These Palaut also like to eat gold, which can be done by wrapping gold leaf around it as it boosts its power and the best way to apply this is to get oil from the nose and roll the ring in the gold leaf. They also appreciate a drop of honey as an offering.

A Mercury Amalgam has 5 functions.

1. It can remove illness from the body and you may feel this amulet moving sound your body when first wearing it. It can take time to get used to wearing this piece.

2. Protects the owner from black magic, ghosts, poisonous animals, accidents and danger.

3. Brings good luck and wealth and even reputedly pulls the luck and good fortune from others.

4. These are also a reflection of the owner's destiny. When it is bright, the destiny is good  but if it dulls, take care. It is a natural omen.

5. They also lift the spirit and place the bearer in the position of having direct contact with the maker.

These have no set kata, just follow the precepts and say Namo Dtassa. I will put a few sheets of 100% gold leaf in with this ring to start you off. These rings hold a large piece that is a a good magical talisman and an example of the alchemy and magic of Burma. This is a large ring because the Palaut suits it as it is large itself, one of the biggest I have had.

I adore the mercury amalgams.

A Large Mercury Eats Gold Silver Ring by Kruba Boonlert Size 11.25