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This is an old issue Luk Om from the renowned Lersi Nawagod of Chiang Mai, who I finally got the chance to visit today! He has some nice stuff.
This simple Luk Om is a deceptive piece that holds great power to bring good fortune. The earths are from 7 graveyards and there's also prai from each of those cemeteries. At the front is also some Panneng from a Phi Tai Hong and the Luk Om carries a spell that brings strong good fortune and it came in this heart shaped case that Lersi scripted, so I added silver to it for extra beauty.

This amuelt was issed 4 years ago and is of a type that is now becoming quite rare. The end of the golden period for necromancy in Thailand is coming to a close and things like this item should be snapped up - it is what I am also doing.

Measures 1.5", comes with Lersi's card and kata and this received an extra blessing. I adore a good Luk Om and they can be easily worn with other amulets or add discretion to your wearing of magical talismans.

A Luk Om Prai Amulet for Good Fortune in Silver by Lersi Nawagod

  • A Luk Om is simply a ball of materials but the magical quality of these can be astonishing, depending on the maker and the contents of the piece.