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This is rare. This is an original amulet to Mae Wan Naa, one of the 5 ladies of Phor Sala Tan. Ajarn Piyasitti of Chiang Mai was one of the Ajarns in this region that was trained by Phor Sala Tan to work with ghosts, and when Phor Sala Tan died a few years ago, Ajarn Piya received his original 5 ladies NMP, a corpse oil from each lady and he also obtained some of Phor Sala Tan's bone along with Ajarn Tay.

The 5 ladies are legendary and still very active ghosts and there is a photo of Mae Wan Naa on the front of this amulet, which is cast from earths collected in 7 graveyards. The back is astonishing as it holds a phial of her Corpse Prai, a phial of the bone of Phor Sala Tan and a phial of the original 5 lady Nam Man Prai. There are two takrut, 4 gems and even a piece of her old shroud. The bone of Phor Sala Tan is included to make sure these ghosts are under the control of their old Master as well as Ajarn Piya. This is a classic old style prai amulet with real clout but she works like a normal Nang Prai, there's just more of her in the amulet and having her photo is very useful for connection.

This type of amulet is VERY protective but also offers strong wealth attraction, for which you should treat her to perfume, flowers or even make up.
It measures 2.6" and comes with Ajarn's card and Kata. A stunning amulet that was made in limited numbers 3 years ago and is of a style now rarely seen. I have also added a photo of the full set which i recently acquired and here's the names of them from left to right in the last photo listed.From Left to RightFar Left - Mae Gahlong

Then Mae Prai Meui - who was actually Phor Sala Tan's first lady and is considered the strongest.

In the middle - Mae Moi

Then Mae Wan Naa

And on the right, Mae Teng

A Mae Wan Naa Nang Prai Amulet (one of THE 5 ladies) by Ajarn Piyasitti

  • The Nang Prai is a kind of amulet that holds a female ghost and is considered particularly effective in Thailand for protection, granting wishes and bringing boon to the life of the bearer.

  • I offer a 30 days return policy with a refund on receipt of the item but for some items I cannot do that as they need blessing again by the maker, some of whom I do not know personally. This is a problem with spiritual items but I will always endeavor to help where I can.