I enjoy going through store rooms and you never know what you will find. This is an old issue Hoon Payon from Ajarn Nankhong, a magnificent Chiang Mai magician who stopped using prai a number of years ago. This is a highly traditional version of the Hoon Payon with the body made from Yaa Khaa, the grass that is used for roofs here but this grass grew in a graveyard. The thread has been used at a funeral and then dyed and then everything has been placed in an oil for Saneah.

The feeling of this amulet seems to me to be greater than its constituent parts so there may be more in this besides the two Takrut for activation that you can see in his groin. Any magical potency does depend on the abilities of the Ajarn, who can easily double the power of an amulet with his blessing (especially someone like Ajarn Nankhong, who is awesome) but I am sure there is also bone powder in this, it is too strong. This little fella has life and will serve you very well.

The Hoon Payon is a substitute body for the bearer to carry with you or keep at home and it takes the malicious attacks or bad fortune instead of the owner. It has all the forms of protection within it against black magic and anyone who wishes you harm and all bad thoughts or curses will bounce back to your enemy. It can also be used to wish for luck, good fortune, good business and attraction through the prai, which should receive regular offerings of food, water, rice wine and cigarettes.

In the traditional Wicha of the Hoon Payon he has no face because then no one knows who it is or how to attack the Payon directly, which works to the benefit of the person who carries this amulet. Good Hoon Payon prai are rare now and difficult to make because of the time it takes to make and bless the item, and this is a brooding magical force.

Measures 2.3" and comes with Ajarn Nankhong's card.

A Magnificent Hoon Payon Prai Amulet by Ajarn Nankhong

  • This is an ancient spell for protection that creates a second body that gets attacked instead of the bearer. This body can also absorb negative astrological influences, which can give a huge boost to the good fortune of the person wearing it.

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