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This is a very special item from the store rooms of Luang Phor Pina's temple, Wat Sanomlao because it can be placed onto the body, which is very unusual for a prai oil. They recently found enough material to make a traditional prai oil following the Wicha of Luang Phor from materials left in his store room, which had all been blessed by him. This included bone powder and his most commonly used herbal mixtures but the special thing is the wax sperm as it seems to move on its own and have life. As these items have been blessed by Luang Phor, they are top Athan products and the oil is strong.

It can be used in 2 ways. Firstly, to invigorate old items from Luang Phor and I have popped a few drops on two old bucha I have and they almost danced. Secondly, this NMP can be applied to the body for super attraction and good fortune. Just put a spot on one index finger, rub some onto your other index finger and then put on each rib cage. It will make you woozy but becomes very pleasant to wear when you get used to it.

The bottle measures 1.5" and will last you some time but there is a limited supply...

Products from this legendary monk are disappearing fast and are some of the best produced in Thailand.

A Nam Man Prai from the products of LP Pina by Wat Sanomlao

  • Luang Phor Pina was a disciple of the legendary Ajarn Man and followed a life of both spiritual and magical dedication, producing some of the wildest prai amulets that can be found.