I love a good Prai Krasip as they are such an effective amulet but this is something highly unusual, Prai Krasip that have to be worn in a pair!

These have two names Ai Hoey and Ai Horn and have to be worn as a pair because they were made as a pair as part of the Wicha. The materials used include 7 bone sources from people who died 7 different deaths, such as being shot, a drowning, a road accident, a suicide by hanging, a stabbing and suicide by poison. The bone powder was then mixed with cemetery earths, the batch halved and the Prai Krasip were made out of each half.
This was made using an ancient ritual to boost the power of these Prai Krasip and these can even make wishes come true but in such cases, an offering needs to be made of rice wine.

These are an ideal first amulet as they help train our minds because we have to learn to hear his whispers. Some dedication to kata is great with these amulets as the kata act to still the mind to have the chance of hearing him whisper in our head, which is not freaky in any way as he is a helpful ghost. Tune in to this type of amulet and your life gets easier as you have a spirit on your side.

They measures 2" each and comes with the makers card and kata. This is effective Prai magic that will serve you well.

A Pair of Prai Krasip Amulets in silver by Phra Ajarn Manop LAST PAIR

  • The Prai Krasip is 'the whispering ghost', the one who speaks to you when danger is close or your when your luck is good....

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